Tizzit.co is an online community for makers, handmade shop owners, Etsy sellers, crafters, and anyone with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it.

It’s about empowering you, the maker, to use your handmade skills to design and sustain a life you love – without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or like you’re in this alone. In fact, going it alone doesn’t mean the journey has to be lonely.
At Tizzit, we’re all about community. We know that with the right resources and a friendly and supportive community of experts and peers to guide you every step of the way, you can turn your handmade shop into a wild success.
For this reason, we are committed to holding a safe, creative space for makers to grow and thrive, help support their own families, and fulfil their creative and professional dreams.
We have created these community guidelines to protect our members and facilitate an amazing community experience, and we require every member comply with them.
Please read this before participating in our community forums and live community calls.
Administrators (see below for definition of administrators and way of contacting them) will enforce this code throughout the Tizzit HQ community forums and live community calls.

The short version

Be kind and respectful of other people.
If you are having a problem, please contact the administrators.
If you are being a problem, it will be apparent and you may be asked to leave the Tizzit HQ Community.

The long version

Our community is intentionally positive

The Tizzit HQ community is an intentionally positive community that recognizes and celebrates the creativity and collaboration of our members and the diversity of skills, talents, experiences, and opinions that they bring to our community.

We value and encourage honest and constructive feedback (positive or negative) between members, and believe it can and should always be delivered respectfully.

Our community is diverse and inclusive

The Tizzit HQ community is an inclusive environment, based on treating all individuals respectfully, regardless of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), skill level, or career path.

We value respectful behavior above individual opinions.

Our community is kind and supportive

We are here to support and encourage each other, and we love nothing more than celebrating our members’ wins, big or small.

We revel in the little victories and tiny breakthroughs of our members, because we know that all the success they achieve in their futures will stem from these ‘small’ moments.

Our community is sharing and welcoming

We encourage our new members to introduce themselves and our existing members to welcome them with open arms.

We believe in the power of paying it forward and that what you give and share will come back to you tenfold. When you ask a question, consider answering one (or, even better, a few) from others – taking a little, giving a little.

Our community is first and foremost a business community

At its core, the Tizzit HQ community is a business community for makers who wish to turn their handmade skills into a profitable and successful business.

For conversations not directly related to starting, growing or managing a handmade shop or business, please use our Virtual Coffee Chat section inside the community forums. Most topics are welcome there but we would appreciate stirring away from potentially divisive conversations (i.e. politics, etc.).

Our community vibe killers

In order to protect this safe place, here’s a list of community vibe killers that we obviously encourage you not to do and will be reaching out about if we or other members notice.

– Technical, membership or account-related questions should be sent directly through our support team via our support page our directly to support@tizzit.co

– We strongly encourage sharing links to your shop/website/social accounts to get feedback on your work, ask for advice or introduce yourself and your wonderful work but self-promotion is forbidden.

– We strongly encourage our members to share useful resources, but the promotion of competitor programs, get rich quick schemes or snake oil selling is (duh) forbidden.

– During the Tizzit HQ Live Check-in Calls, or at anytime you are in the Tizzit Zoom room, you must show who you are by turning your camera on and using a name that can be easily recognized (either your community username, or your full name).

– Unreasonably negative tone.

If you ever notice something that doesn’t match our community guidelines or is killing the vibe, please reach out to an Administrator directly.

The legal stuff

This is the part our lawyer told us we had to put in there, please take the time to read these points carefully:

– We retain the right to remove any comments or content we feel are inappropriate, without explanation.

– TIZZIT is not responsible for any comments or content you upload on the website.

– If you break these community guidelines or commit community vibe killers, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at anytime, without refund.

– Please use good judgement and common sense when sharing confidential information within the group. You are responsible for the information you share and the interactions you have with any other participant.

– TIZZIT is not responsible for the actions, behaviours or practices of any individual, group, or company that is involved in TIZZIT or mentioned by a member in the community.

– The Tizzit HQ community is not a replacement for mental or physical health/medical care. If you require health, medical, and/or psychological care, please seek the services of a licensed medical professional.  Please do not rely on the site, its members, teachers or moderators for medical attention and personal care. The sole purpose of this community is to provide educational materials and coaching in the area of business and marketing.

– For the full terms and conditions to use our website and the Tizzit HQ membership community, please refer to our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use and Disclaimer.


The administrators of the Tizzit HQ Community as of May, 8th 2020 are:
– Deborah Engelmajer
– Alicja Kudla

To contact the administrators, please email support@tizzit.co

Thank you to every Tizzit HQ community member for helping to make our home the kind, respectful , supportive and inclusive community that it is.